On tidy my record room on orders today by the good lady, yep there are records everywhere. My very short attention span got very much distracted by an old cardboard box filled with years of memories. Flicking through all the photos, magazine articles, old record lists and flyers for nights, I came across a bunch of nights my friends and I used to do around the Bournemouth area. Here’s some of the ones I have found. They ranged from Soul Jazz Funk Nights to Reggae Roots Dub. A little bit of novelty history of the time. A big shout to my bros Jamie. Rik, Trev, Martin and Conrad. To be fair we did try our best getting nights going through the years but Bournemouth wasn’t really the place for it.

Hartleys Wine Bar – St Peters Road Bournemouth. A night of Jazz Funk and Soul on a Friday night. 1988/89

photo (19)

Hot House Night Club – Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth. A guy called Sleepy Dread had started this night back in 1988. Check out the beer prices Heineken £1.20 and Bacardi 60p a shot. We became friends and I played a few sets there. After he finished the night I took over for few months with the flyer below.

photo (21)

Hot House Night Club – Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth – My Dub Wize night. 1989/90 I wrote a little about the club HERE

photo (17)

Funky And Some – Grays Wine Bar – Kingland Road, Poole. Set up by my friends Paul Brown and Rik Alozdi. This great night turned into a super little hang out for us all taking turns to spin music we loved mainly for us. We used to rinse the happy hour. Featured funk and soul singles to acid jazz tracks of the time. 1989

photo (23)

Another Funky And Some Flyer this one with design by Trevor Loveys

photo (20)

Roots N Culture – Bacchus – Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth. 1988. Bacchus was a great little bar we used to hang out. Always a place to score pot from, it was was on two floors with a great basement for dancing and it was perfect for reggae. Could get pretty rough at times in there but never saw any trouble on the reggae nights. I had my first night of djing at this bar and trial by fire it was. Decks were set up upstairs with a full house. The dj before me either did it for a laugh or was so stoned that he did it without thinking but he turned the 1210′s off! So I’m set up ready to go in the mix when nothing comes out. The whole place turns and shouts and boos. Being young and wet behind the ears I was pretty scared and nervous but kept it together and after the longest minute in history got it sussed and the dub started flowing. I didn’t get ripped to shreds by a crowd of dub loving zombies.

photo (24)

Charivari Revisited – Saucy Jacks Night Club – Hinton Road Bournemouth 1991. Have to say I never really knew what Charivari Revisited was meant to be. I just played a few sets and my friend Trevor Loveys did the flyer for them. Was a pretty hippy night and was much fun. Didn’t last for more than a couple of nights though which was a shame as it was a real nice change. Remember playing a mixture of organ funk and rock steady which went down pretty good.

photo (22)

Jah Love – Nobles Night Club – Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth 1990 A great dark and dingy basement night club perfect for loud bassy dub. Really enjoyed playing there.

photo (16)

The Reels Of Dub. This was another one of my flyers I did but this one unfortunately didn’t happen. For the same club as above but after it changed hands to the Vibe Bar.

photo (18)

Jam Funky – Saucy Jacks Night Club – Hinton Road Bournemouth 1995. A host of nights put on my our friend Martin Howes. Really fun night with a great group of people.

photo (14)

Jam Funky – Downes Wine Bar – Lansdowne Road – 1996. Martin moved the night to this wonderful little family owned restaurant with a great basement bar down stairs. This was a super place with a happy vibe full of friends dancing and drinking. Was a real shame when it finished.

photo (15)

We all did many night over the years but these are the only ones I still have flyers or posters for.

Hope you like this little bit of memory lane.

Big Love

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