The Secret Mixes – music to write books to. One of my favourite DJs Mad Mike Mongos provides an eclectic and inspirational mix. Enjoy!

Mike: It was very nice to be asked to do a vinyl mix by author, traveller, record hunter and all round good guy Sanjiv Ahluwalia, head guy at The Secret List. A series of well crafted and beautifully designed books giving an essential guide that opens the lid on those lesser known record shops, the little hidden gems in the city of the title. Coming across like a vinyl version of Alan Whicker, Sanjiv gives you tips on quaint places to eat, drink and somewhere to relax, whilst looking through your recently purchased musical delights. Choice images of stunning architecture and of course pictures of piles, shelves and boxes of the black stuff, gorgeous honest vinyl. It’s an exciting challenge to be compiling a mix for this project which I take on enthusiastically. Being somewhat obsessed, I tend to picture tracks in my head before I make my compilation. I always try to keep to my initial tunes and not to add any more.

My record collection covers many genres throughout my 30 plus years of collecting and I tend to spend months being crazy about one sound and build up my collection that way. My main passion is Reggae Dub and Soul but filtered throughout is Jazz, Folk, Samba, Disco, Electronica, Nu Jazz and all the sub genres like Digital Dub, Street Soul, Broken Beat etc. My collection may seem quite small compared to some people monster hoards but it does take up three walls of one room and consists of around 7000 records with a few big boxes of seven inches thrown in. Still I have time to fill up the fourth wall over time, who needs windows anyway……


André Ceccarelli – Forget It – Inner City Records [Ceccarelli]
Roger Bunn – Road To The Sun – Major Minor [Piece Of Mind]
Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux – Guardian Angel – Atlantic [Eli]
Ferris Wheel  – Song For Alice – Uni Records [Ferris Wheel]
Kalapana – All I Want – Abattoir Records [Kalapana]
Wah Wah Watson – Bubbles – CBS [Elementary]
Earl Rodney – Juck Juck – Antillana [Friends & Countrymen]
Kain – Black Satin Amazon Fire Engine Cry Baby – Juggernaut Records [The Blue Guerrilla]
Rupert Holmes – Brass Knuckles – Epic [Rupert Holmes]
Charles Bernstein – Erotica – MCA Records [Gator OST]
Geoffrey Stoner – Bend Your Head Low – Ovation Records [Watch Out]
Joao Donato – A Ra – Odeon EMI [Quem É Quem]
Michael Longo – Ocean Of His Might – Groove Merchant [900 Shares Of The Blues]
UPP – It’s A Mystery – Epic [UPP]
Eberhard Weber Colours – Seriously Deep (2nd half) – ECM Records [Silent Feet]
Hubert Eaves – Call to Awareness – Inner City Records [Esoteric Funk]
General Strike – Interplanetary Dub – Staubgold [Danger In Paradise]
Alpha – Somewhere Not Here – Melankolic, Virgin [Come From Heaven]

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