DJ, record collector extraordinaire and art curator, Benjamin Newton is a well know name to London’s discerning music lover. Ben’s mixes still sit on my iPhone after ten years, his Horo compilation showcasing the cult Italian label’s wares is essential listening. And Ben helped shape both The Secret List – New York (which was never eventually released) and the music listings in the London edition- the Talk Talk album was a Ben recommendation. Quite simply Ben is one of London’s best DJs which is why I asked him to play at the London launch party and the forthcoming ‘London calling’ party in April. So listen to the master at work here

Some words from Ben

These days, due to time retrains I very rarely find myself going out with the sole purpose of record shopping. I tend to dip into a record shop if there happens to be one in the area I may find myself, and I have half an hour of time on my side. With this in mind I’m eagerly awaiting the expansion of Sanjiv’s ‘Secret List’ series to encompass the various cities, towns, villages etc that hide those little known spots. On that note I still don’t have a copy of the Paris edition of the book which Sanjiv informs me is now super rare…I’m open to trades!

I wanted the mix I put together for The Secret List to have an international feel, and so I’ve included music from Hungary, Estonia, Brazil, Portugal, USA, Japan, Canada, UK, Germany and Russia. some recent purchases, some old. Many bought IRL in physical record shops and some bought via the wonders of the internet via the myriad of dealers and collectors, and wants lists and trades. Enjoy…


1 – Fenyes Nap – Little bird (Magyar Records)
2 – Collage – Halb Zirp (Melodiya)
3 – Sexteto do Beco – Kuia (Fundação Cultural So Estado Da Bahia)
4 – Rao Kyao – A Do Meio (Parlophone)
5 – Khan Jamal – The Known Unknown (Stash)
6 – Larry Chernicoff – Heart of the City (Muse/Art)
7 – Yohji Yamamoto / Yukihiro Takahashi – Entracte (Canyon)
8 – Jean-Francois Fabiano – Karukara (Groupe Concept Musique)
9 – Brenda & the Beach Balls – Theme for a Tall Dark Stranger (Probe Plus)
10 – Software – Island Sunrise (Innovative communication)
11 – Arsenal – Rondo (Melodiya)
12 – Caliban – Open Mind (Caliban recs)
13 – Surfing – Hit The Spot (100% Electronica)


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