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The Secret List presents The
Secret Mixes – music to write books to. Inspired by various DJs and radio
presenters who have soundtracked the writing of The Secret List, I asked
some of the best selectors to produce specially created mixes for The Secret
List. This is music to get you into the creative space, to make you put pen to
paper, finger to keyboard or brush to canvas. And if you’re ‘in the zone’ the
mixes are the perfect way to help you go deeper.

 I’ve known Colin since school.
He runs Twisted Soul a popular music blog and is probably best known for his
Monday Morning Mix, a regular listen for me when I work from home. But his
across the range ‘morning mix’ also works well after 12am offering some sonic rejuvenation
when I am working on the book.   So I am proud to present Colin at
his very best, a broad range of music from deep jazz to off-centre pop covers.
His mix is representative of what has gone before but with both feet firmly in
the future. Brilliant.

 And some words from Colin:

 ‘I was chuffed to bits when
brother Sanj, author of the global record shop guides The Secret List asked me
to curate a mix. A man with deep musical knowledge, wicked dance moves,
impeccable taste in clothes and a real gent to boot. Chatting with Sanj about
music is always an enlightening experience. You’ll find that deep knowledge in
his two expertly crafted guides from Los Angeles and Paris. With the London
edition out soon The Secret List is well on its way to becoming the leading
authority on where to buy your vinyl when travelling. Not only is it a guide to
those undiscovered treasure troves of dusty nuggets, but Sanj also gives the
reader a cultural tour of the city. From those cool back street bars to an
indulgent gastro treat to street art, where to dance or even where to stay on
your trip. Oh, and if you have any spare change, he even has hot tips on the
best shops, boutiques. The Secret List is so much more than just about buying

Talking about buying records
like any good vinyl addict, I buy records nearly every week, but I’m not a
completist, as that is far too expensive, and I don’t need that really rare
record that I hate and only play once. The bulk of my collection is
unfortunately in storage having moved back to London from Barcelona a few years
into a smaller apartment which is not quite big enough to house my collection
of records. I’m now running out of space in my current apartment, so I’ll need
to get my skates on (the wife agrees) and move again pretty soon methinks. So not
being able to dig through my entire collection this mix comes from a selection
of a few new purchases of which there have been many and the handful or so
records I didn’t store away. Having a very open mind to music my record
collection covers many styles from Soul, Funk, Latin, Disco, Hip Hop, Jazz and
much, much more. The tracks chosen represent a small section of my musical
headspace, but it covers plenty of ground mixing the genres with new and old
tracks. Nothing rare or hard to find just simply good music that I hope you’ll

Keep digging and remember life
is too short to listen to bad music, right?

Listen on Mixcloud 


Emma-Jean Thackray – Wet Nose
– Self-Released (Walrus EP)

Marcus Belgrave – Space
Odyssey – Tribe Records (Gemini)

MoonDog – Dragon’s Teeth/
Voices Of Spring – Honest Jons (Moondog And His Friends) 

Horace Tapscott & The Pan
African Peoples Arkestra – Peyote Song No. III –  Nimbus West Records (The

Shabaka And The Ancestors –
Joyous – Brownswood Recordings (Wisdom Of Elders) 

Alice Coltrane – Gospel Trane
– Impulse! ( A Monastic Trio)

John Coltrane – Bahia – DOL

Oneness of Juju – African
Rhythms – Black Fire Music ( African Rhythms)

Al Doson Jr – Live At Makeover
– Rhythm Section International (Rye Lane Vol 11 & 111)

Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Omas
Sextet (Time, Rhythm and Change) Five Easy Pieces (Reginald Omas Mamode IV)

Mo Kolours – Pots And Pans
Ceremonial Intro – One Handed Music (Texture Like Sun)

Mo Kolours – Golden Brown –
 One Handed Music (Texture Like Sun)

Bastien Keb – Blurs –
 One Handed Music (Dinking In The Shadows Of Zizou)

K15 – Loves Gambit – Eglo
Records (Wu15)

Moses Boyd – Drum Dance –
 Exodus Records (Rye Lane Shuffle)

Claudia – Macumba – Premier

Georgette – Kirie – Mr Bongo (
A Moça Do Mar)

Kendrick Lamer –
Institutionalized – Top Dawg Entertainment (To Pimp A Butterfly)

D’Angelo and The Vanguard –
Another Life – RCA Records (Black Messiah)

 The Secret List – Brighton
written by Stephen Ellis, with a little guiding hand from me, was published in
August 2016. You can purchase it at many record shops in Brighton and directly
from Stephen. More details here. Online you can check out my  New York record shop guide,
a Japan record shop photo
special and updates for the Los Angeles edition.  And remember The Secret List – London is
launched 24 November at Brilliant Corners, London.

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